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Compost Making Technologies

Compost Making Technologies 

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Duration :           5 Days

Qualification :     Nil

Total Course Cost : Rm 5000

Location : Pedas Negeri Sembilan

The word best grow medium will be the compost, a proper compost will be able to nature and feed plants to grow out plants in the most optimum manner - without any need for external input of any fertilizer of even insecticides, plus will act as a water reservoir for plants during dry days . It's compositions will contain most of the elements in the periodical tables in which all required plant food will be fed plants food that grown in compost ( Humus ) are 20 times more nutritious then chemically grown foods . 

What you'll learn :

  • Understanding Compost

  • Types of compost - Aerobic & Anaerobic

  • Why plant need compost 

  • Converting waste to compost ( Plant Food )

  • Why compost is expensive ? 

  • Micro-biology in composting ( Bio technology )

  •  ( Mircrobes + Organism )

  • Thermo compost - Composting process

  • Worm compost - Vermi compost - types of worms

  • Pile compost - Processes 

  • Agriculture waste to fertilizer

  • C/N Ration

  • Oxygenation

  • Home and Commercial Composting

  • Eco - Friendly garbage disposals

  • Profit oriented composting

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