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Nursery Operations and Plants Productions

Nursery Operations and Plants Productions 


Duration : 7 Days

Qualification : Nil

Total cost : Rm 5500

Location : Pedas Negeri Sembilan

Seedling suppliers to farms, such as seedlings for flowers, vegetables plants and fruiting plantlets maker millions of ringgit in profit each year, with small scale operation's - with a few reliable staffs. Millions of seedling's can be produced and marketed directly to end growers. Millions of seedlings produced by nurseries are sought after by commercial farmers due to quality and uniformity can can consist varieties - such as, chillies, tomatoes, watermelons, capcicum, rockmelons, banana and many more are ideal to be grown thru grafting and tissue culture. Nurseries producing such quality plantlet's are appreciated for being diseases free too.

What we teach you

  • Designing a proper shaded nursery, production system

  • Choosing your right varieties - produces - planning

  • Method of multiplications - Quality control

  • Pot preparations

  • Budgeting for start-up - ( Low entry )

  • Knowing the potential of varieties

  • Quantity and quality

  • Irrigation - Fertilization - Media

  •  Potting - Diseases - Specific issues

  • Location - Transport - Volume 

  • Finding farmers to buy your produces ( marketing )

  • Diversified produces / production

  • Crop specialisation - Special features

  • Equipment - Machinery - Automation - Systems

  • Vegetable for transplanting

  • Specific Mono - Crop seedlings

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Asian Academy Of Agricultural Technologies

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