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Bio Dynamics - Beyond Organics 

Bio Dynamics - Beyond Organics  

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Duration :                 5 Days

Qualification :          Nil

Total Course Cost : Rm 3000

Location : Pedas Negeri Sembilan

What's Bio Dynamics Farmings ?

- Bio dynamics farming method harnesses to power and wisdom of universe

- It's beyond organics

- It's self sustaining 

- It's always regenerative 

- It converts forces of universe to grow and sustain the farm and the world

- It cares for each and every lifeform in the planet

- From the smallest microbes to the largest living animals 

- Connecting & Embracing every life form in a web chain of life

Apart from no tilling , no chemical, no organic inputs from external source, no seeds purchased there's a lot more to understand and soil health being a big part of this science of living. This is a 5000 year's old art of growing food rediscovered ancient farming secrets, re-introduced back to society within this century. Some say this culture is very mystical and religionist which is bordering hinduism or some indian vedic sciences. We say Sciences yes and Religionism no. it;s also proven to be from that of indian continent. The so - called inventor - Adolf Stiffener have been proven to attended vedic agricultural lesson's in india prior to calling it BioDynamics Farming.

We teach all the above in a Holistic manner.

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