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Vision & Mission

Our Vision For The Future

To grow AAT to become a world class technological university in advanced agriculture technologies, Where students and experts from all over the world will co-operate to make this world a better place to live in. Our sciences will enable the food production to feed the entire global population . Sea water  be used to grow food and arid deserts will bloom. Microbes will do the job of fertilizers. Soils can retain enough water to feed plants , store water from rain to last years, create new creeks and waterfalls , reduce raising seawater levels and biology - microbes will replace chemical insecticides and synthetic fertilizers. Solar power will power greenhouse and farms and A.I and robotics will do hard labour tasks. Regenerative Agriculture will produce organics and create healthy animals , humans and global food.

Our Future Mission

To create a self sustaining World, with amazing agriculture knowledge, to be self reliant on food production. To ensure all global Citizen's are skilled and highly knowledgeable in

environment & Agricultural skills.



Asian Academy Of Agricultural Technologies

Our Technological partners

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