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Starting Small Farms

   Who you should start this ?

   - Anyone with small budget - able bodied and willing to work land.

   - Anyone who enjoys outdoor, willing to sweat it out.

   - Anyone who wants to grow, eat and live a great healthy life.

  It's idea is to incorporate 100's of different fruits,     vegetables,fishes,shrimps,poultry,animals to maximise the available spaces[...]

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Pre- Retirement / Retirement Gardening
  • Planning your retirement ? 

  • Age is catching up - hearing so ?

  • Want to settle down in a small homestead farm ?

  • With a little cottage - Let's say with a size of less then 1 Acre ?

  • Don't want to lose all your life savings ? [...] 

Plant Tissue Culture 
  • Conducted in small groups ( physical courses ) with practical  hands on training's till full processes completed [...]

Bio Fertilizer & Bio Pesticides production
  • Introduction of alternate to chemical inputs

  • 50 different formulas & recipes to be provided 

  • Design fermenter / Processes involved [...]


Regenerative Farm 

Regenerative agriculture isn’t exactly new. But it is gaining momentum with many growers and the customers they serve.

What is it, though? [...]

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Bio Dynamics - Beyond Organics  

What's Bio Dynamics Farmings ?

- Bio dynamics farming method harnesses to power and wisdom of universe.

- It's beyond organics

- It's self sustaining 

- It's always regenerative 

- It converts forces of universe to grow and sustain the farm and the world[...]

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Organic Farming 

What do you learn in this course ?

- You'll be learning how to farm without chemical's 

- Farm with microbes, harnessing the biology of fungi, bacteria,viruses and all other [...]

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Fertigation - Hydroponics - NFT

( Chemical based agriculture )


Today's world have harnessed and embraced this culture in exponent manner, we can say, 95% of the world's vegetable farming today are conducting their activities in this manner due to easy vegetable approaches[...]

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Aquaponics and Aquaculture 

Growing vegetables hydroponics incorporating it thru aquaculture systems

( 2 in 1 ) seem to be used to grow fishes or shrimps and it's waste were used a fertilizers to grow plants. This set - ups usually needs [...]


Nursery Operations & Plants Productions

Seedling suppliers to farms, such as seedlings for flowers, vegetables plants and fruiting plantlets maker millions of ringgit in profit each year, with small scale operation's - with a few reliable staffs. Millions of seedling's can be produced and [...]


Green House Technologies 

Climate Control - Automation - IOT - Precision Engineering

Preface the raising global temperatures, the pollution of rivers, the destruction of good farming soil and many more calaminities have made millions of hectare's of arable land to be produce in optimum qualities. This protected cultivation system's seen as [...]

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Field Crop Cultivation

Sweet Corn - Sweet Potatoes - Chillies - Egg Plants - Okra - Tomatoes - Ginger - Ginger are having good potential to be grown as single mono cultured field crops,using [...]


Vertical Farming

The new buzz word in the Hydroponics Horticulture fraternity .The world awakening toward this new revolutionary technologies, the science of growing vertical vegetable are [...]


Urban Farming

Probably the best kills to acquire during this uncertain times, where thew world is going thru and desperate need for varieties quality food to [...]


Compost Making Technologies

The word best grow medium will be compost a proper compost will be able to nature and feed plants to grow out most optimum manner - without any need for external input of any fertilizer of even insecticides, plus will act as [...] 



Seedling productions for high value fruits & vegetables will need graftings - of good rootstock and scion means good quality rootstock which can resit stress from Flood - Nematodes - Viruses [...]



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