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Organic Farmings

Organic Farmings 

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Duration :           5 Days

Qualification :    Nil

Total Course Cost : Rm 3000

Location : Pedas Negeri Sembilan

Do you know ? 

Nutrients value of 1kg of organic food's equivalent to 20 kg hydroponics grown food.

Organic food 1kg = 20kg chemically grown hydroponics food.

 That's to value of organic food

- It's Nutritional value

- It's called  original food or real food

Prior to world war 1 and before the invention of chemical fertilizers, all food['s grown around the world were real organic which is optimum, healthy and un-uniform  , with the invention of chemical based fertilizers and pesticides, the world population's are knowingly consuming cancer causing foods and millions of lives are lost yearly due to act's of farmer's who protect their plant with this poisons and chemicals. Apart from humans! animals,insects,bees,butterflies and the soil itself, we killed of any lifeforms and made sterile, where nothing grow's in way it should grow.

As Organic farmers,you'll be thought every aspects of Natural Organic farmings and its Sciences.

Upon registrations, in depth module will be provided.

What do you learn in this course ?

- You'll be learning how to farm without chemical's 

- Farm with microbes, harnessing the biology of fungi, bacteria,viruses and all other microbe to your benefit.

-Use available agriculture waste's to make own fertilizers, insecticides and replace chemicals with natural inputs.

-Learn to appreciate nature and it's abundances, earn more, earn profit, give back to nature. Live a fuller life in harmony with nature. In nutshell

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