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Executive Team


Chandra L Ramprakash


Originated from a family of farmers with early exposure towards fruits and vegetables growing and other agricultural activities, such as poultry, goats, cattle, fishery, and self sustaining small farm operation which is operated by his family, till today his family still operates farms in Kuala Selangor, Cameron Highlands, Fraser's hill, Pedas Negeri Sembilan and Kuala Kubu Baru.Selangor. He has also ventured into natural turf growing and management, where his knowledge in turf management have able him to design and management

where his knowledge in turf management have able him to design and build international standard natural grassed fields, his clients include Petronas, DBKL, MBPJ, UEM, HSSI, MBAJ, Universities in Malaysia, also to note here  he had also had a short stint in Arsenal Football Club in UK on groundsmanship, Presented numerous Papers to Universities / forums and had teaching experiences and He had also been appointment has Adjunct Scientist at TNFU ( a Agricultural University Government of  India ). His practical exposure and knowledge has been appreciated and acknowledged by numerous other foreign authorities such as CIBA and numerous other universities. His innovations in inventing new technological improvements to existing of norm have earned good reviews from market leaders.His innovations are mainly related to, nutrient management, insect control, deep plant science, chemicals and functionality, bio technologies, green house design and erection, irrigation, mechanical, soil science, automation, climate control, and aquaculture,with this knowledge he hopes to part his skills and know how to the next generation of farmers and make the world a better place to live. Mr Chandra have personally conducted over 100 successful workshops and trainings, which are mostly practical and face to face events and created over 100 successful farmers throughout the world, with a street wise approachable language, ordinary un academical participants/farmers are able to understand the teachings.Till today he has refrained from confirming to the Malaysian educational system and did not want AAT to be registered as a conventional colleges or institute, also this has made AAT a stand alone practical training center.

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