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We are farmers too, Just like you


Fertigation- a 55 years's old technology

Since it's invention 55 year's ago in israel, this technology have traveled all over the world and evolved extensively, the A-B tank system's been improved - changed - added value hundred's of times, Now with many modification's and improvised improvement's fertigation can be installed in much more precision, automations and controlled feedings with huge cost reduction and more flexibility.

Learn from us - We can show you the way.


What's the short cut to learn farming ?

There's No Shortcuts : Be it horticulture of growing vegetable's or breeding goats or culturing fish or any food production trade. You need practical - hand's on - Physical hard work experience . All the internet, Google or Youtube can show the way, but only practical hand's on farm works and process will make you truly a real farmer and which  needs a lot of practice and hard work .

That's the shortcut.


Why i need to learn to be a farmer?

Being a farmer will make you healthier,  self reliant , self sustaining. A cultured individual with clean decent income , even a small plot as small as 2 acre's will ensure you're earning more than enough to maintain your family and ample of saving's for your future, plus safe guarding the mother earth. without proper learning and guidance ? you'll need to learn from mistakes which is expensive and time wasting. Learn from professionals

Learning a skill

Learning a skill in your part time will enhance your confidence and create new direction of betterment towards your future, with proper horticulture skills courses, you can even plan your semi - retirement and self sustaining life style.



Our Humble Beginning, Being Conventional farmer's - Since 1975, We have had early and extensive exposure towards the practicality of the industries needs, and  Since 2007, We've been conducting practical training workshop at our training center in

( Fraser hill, Pahang) .

Prior to being a Horticultural Farmer's Training Organisation , We have in the past introduced many new technologies for innovation's in related towards the betterment for farmers , such as method's harnessed new approaches like fertigation (1992) introduced Cocopeat (1994), worked on aeroponics technologies (1993), formulated new alternative grow media (2007) , served as adjunct Scientist at TNFU university India , improved composting technologies (2006) Green house technologies (2000) - Biotechnology inputs innovations since 2000 and  numerous other inventive contributions.

Nowadays, Our team's are known as Professional Horticulturist - Agronomists - Plant Scientist - Farmers and the best - We are also known as professional trainers for farmers over the years. We take pride to have trained 1000's of farmers from all over the world and all walks of life . Be it for beginners like Home Gardeners - Hobbyist Farmer's - Small Farmer's - Commercial Farmer's or High tech IOT based climate controlled greenhouse farmer's . We can show you  the right path towards  farming success.  

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ReGenerative Agriculture

It's beyond organic and harnesses the wisdom of natures sciences where the concept of N Tilling , zero external chemical based fertilizer  input and zero waste, also needs to be integrated and going further by incorporating, microbes, animals, fishery and plant growing this concept of agriculture product to be the next generations way of food productions - The Future .

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Organic Farmings 

The differences between  organics and chemical agriculture been proven to be 1-20- means eating 1kg of organically grown food's equivalent to consuming 20kg of chemically grown vegetables or fruits. No wonder - Interest in this studies invites interests from huge students to participate and learn.

apart from organic fertilizers ? improvements have been made even in formulatinglating insecticides - fungicides the cost of providing 100 % real organic fruits and vegetables are being reduced and demand for Real food id raising vertically.

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Chemical Farming 

( Hydroponics - NFT - Fertigation )

The New Trend or Game changer - the ever growing interest and huge corporate investments are the game today. Almost 90% of new horticulture farms are set - up in this methods. This provide's sort of full control and predictive agriculture, also with touch of a button set - ups, thus reducing labour and supervision and reducing operating cost. This fertigation or Hydroponics also believed to be clean and fetches display showroom prices. We advice students to learn this technologies prior to venturing into organic or regenerative culture. 

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Being a farmer - it's a serious business 

Being a farmer is not an easy trade as it's perceived it to be. You'll need a complete and comprehensive  commitments required to be successful in agriculture. The job as a farmer requires 24/7 x 365 day's of presence and work inputs, apart from hard work and investments of capital. You'll need to be highly precision in skills and vast knowledge to be professional . Venturing into this industry as an amateur will sure to invite failure. Similar, like any other industry, you'll need to invest your time to study the art of growing food. Copy paste trainers or Youtube video wont be able to help you much, Only practical trainings with  hands on farm experiences from successful fellow farmer's ensure success in this great trade.


Small farmer's are more successful ?

Why do small farmer's succeed ?


Having a small 3 acres of integrated vegetable farm , with polyculture farmings and selling everything in your small farm can yield up to RM 15,000 monthly nett income , means continually earning for 12 months a year. Harnessing the idea of regenerative agriculture  and towards zero inputs from external source's. You can be a Self Sustaining Stand alone farm. Profiting from the sale of multiple producers 365 day's a year. To learn this sustainable innovation's - You'll 1st need to dirty your hand and be physically involved in setting it up all by yourself, each seed planted should be cared and panted,each should be taken off, each plant should be fed, each plot should be tanned with out nest - Passion.

Success were sure to be at your door step.  

Chandra L Ramprakash


To be a successful modern farmer

You'll need to learn a little about many subjects. Soil Sciences - Plant Sciences - Mechanical Engineering - Electrical Engineering - Chemical - Biology - Physics - Physics - Irrigation  Technologies - Environment Sciences - Microbes - Bacteria - Viruses - Fungi and many more knowledges, but then you don't have the time to learn all - So, we at AAT will tutor and share our lifelong learned skills in a method where we ensure all is optimum for your early profit business is set off. Our continues hand holding will ensure you don't fall down to any amature mistakes. 



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