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Training Experienced Farmers to be Professionals 

Let's get started 

In an ever-changing market, finding the right trade and a fitting training program that suits your individual likings might seem like an impossible task. at Asian Academy Of Agriculture Technologies, which was founded by some of the industry’s finest professionals. we’re committed to providing the highest quality of trainings and courses that's focused on your needs based on innovation and advanced practical skills. Our program is flexible and our teachers are the finest in their field of speciality. So if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, get sun burned, dirtied, and want to learn a new trade and make new friends - get in touch with us today.

Only Farmings can provide better health - wealth and happiness


Hobby Lifestyle farms

Be it, either its your life long dream to do farming  or part of your retirement plan , we at AAT do provide the trainings-consultings and guidances from conceptual idea inception till harvest . "Talk to us"- Our complete guide will hand hold you towards successful joy of farming life.

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Weekend Workshops

No one ever said, Microbial productions must be made in Lab or factory, Our Home made microbial loaded-secret of fertilizers-insecticides-hormones will be shared with  farmers to reduce chemical inputs and cut operating costs.

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Roof top farms

Covid19 been creating huge interest in turning rooftop spaces into farms,  new trend in cities condominiums ,where un-used spaces are used to grow foods.We can be approached to learn the technicalities, from heat reducing   concrete floors to optimum yields. we have specialist to guide you thru.

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Commercial farms

The bet to invest in agro business, Be it for-profit or commercial purposes.Hands on trainings will be provided to investors with precision working papers ensured ROI. Ideal for investors to gain short term returns and reduced risk ventures.

Latest News 

"Give a man a fish,

he feeds his family for a day.

Teach him to be a farmer,

he feeds his entire nation"

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at Asian Academy of Agriculture Technologies, we ensure our trainings & courses are designed for farmers who are looking for practical and efficient ways to  better manage of their farms. 

70% Practical and 30% academical

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 Perfect Seedlings
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 Optimum Yield

About Us

Courses & Trainings Available

We designed our courses and trainings to suit individual needs and specialization. Be it, organic ,fertigation, chemical based,hydroponics or regenerative agriculture, we encompass all in precision manner.


Urban Farm Setup Trainings

Start a small profitable urban farm at a size of 500 square feet ,growing more than 45 varieties of fruits and vegetables, producing more then

5 kilo of food daily for your home and for profit.

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Gardening Grow Box Making Workshops

Apart from plants sciences teachings, we do conduct workshops on related skills trainings such as plant grafting, tissue culture, irrigation pipings and grow box makings.

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Speciality Crop Farming Workshop

Speciality crop such as ginger, coriander and many other profitable herbs can be grown in small area farms with good returns, provided proper technical know how is learned. We teach in depth skills on this subject.

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Our Past Success Workshops 

Chandra L Ramprakash


Originated from a family of farmers with early exposure towards fruits and vegetables growing and other agricultural activities, such as poultry, goats, cattle, fishery, and self sustaining small farm operation which is operated by his family, till today his family still operates farms in Kuala Selangor, Cameron Highlands, Fraser's hill, Pedas Negeri Sembilan and Kuala Kubu Baru.Selangor. He has also ventured into natural turf growing and management, where his knowledge in turf management have able him to design and management [...]

Practical Farm Work Experiences

Live & Work In Farm.

We believe, all future farmers must be self reliant & hands on, be willing to dirty their hands, New farmers will be provided real life training

with at least three months apprenticeship in existing farm prior to starting their own farms.

Easy Learning
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  • As easy as one to one 

  • Explained in common understable languages 

  • Hand holding guidances after completion of trainings & courses. Towards entrepreneurship.

What We Provide
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Practical hands on trainings, "something you wont forget forever" with understandable language- Logic and Reasoning ! all is achievable.

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"You don't need latest technologies. You need the right workable technologies "

Our smart technologies means its less labourers input , cheap,practical,easy to use, understandable and profitable for farmers.

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Henry Law

 Professional Organic Farmer

I'm a professional agronomist, i practice microbe based farmings too, at this course i've learned completely new innovation's and frugal approaches with sustainability profit and health  for farmers and consumers .

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Mohd Yakim


Zero cost farming or Natural farmings culture, means growing food without fertilizer and chemicals, that's new to me, this workshop is great  as poor farmer's in rural area are devoid of huge capital for synthetic pesticides and fertilizers inputs.



3rd Generation Farmer

I am from Cameron Highland, This Biology based microbes technologies in horticulture with hands on training's  is what we need now, as chemicals are are too expensive and  indeed destroying farm lands all around the world. We need more of this.

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Lo Bing

Modern Farmer

Now everyone can farm with more confident in growing food now, The modules are explained in commoners language and make to understand in easy formats. Fertigation can be made very cheap and be profiting if we can be hand held like this trainings. 


We being Farmers and consumers ourselfs , truly believe that the next billion dollar businesses will be Regenerative agriculture.which is Beyond Organic - Bio Dynamic - Sustainable - Dirty - Organics - Natural - Nutrient fortified fruits and vegetables - Microbe Infilled - Soil based - Insecticide free - Synthetic Fertilizer free - Compost based - Human hand grown , will feed the malnourished growing populations, To do so, we have to learn the Secrets of Farming in indepth and Holistic manner. Profit and sustainability can grow side by side for the betterment of enviroment and natures well being.   to be part of this nobel industry, it requires skills,trainings and humble patience.

In future,many other industries such as

IT - Biology - Physics - Chemicals - Civil- Structural

-Electronics-Electrical-Mechanical will all be interested into agriculture- "BE PART OF IT"



Asian Academy Of Agricultural Technologies

Our Technological partners

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